Hyper-V Packages

We understand what you need

All our Virtual Servers are based on Hyper-V. Leverage technology “CloudComputing.” The world is changing faster every day, and the wonders of technological innovations we open the door to unexpected places. You can have all this to purchase any of our Hyper-V VPS, which you will feel possessor of the most desirable gem. We know what you want and we design it for you.

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Precio/Price (US$)(No Incluye IVA)
US$ by Month 99.00$ 175.00$ 260.00$ 510.00$
Setup Fee Free Free Free Free
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CPU Cores: 1 2 2 4
HD Space (1 Disk) 40GB 60GB 60GB 120GB
Bandwidth by month: 50GB 100GB 150GB 300GB
RAM Memory (Guaranteed) 1024MB 2048MB 3072MB 4096MB
IP Address 1 1 1 1
SnapShot 2 2 2 2
MS Windows OS
Administrator Access
Control Panel for Basic Task
Virtual DataCenter – VDC
Control Panel Task
VPS Details and Status
SnapShot Manager
Network Manager
CD/DVD Library
Change Admin Password
Web Remote Desktop
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WinOS Supported Win2003 STA, ENT / Win2008 R2 WEB,STA,ENT x64 / Win7
Control Panel WebSitePanel for basic Admin Task
VHD Type Fixed for better performance
Microsoft WebPI Microsoft Web Platform Installer 3.0
Backup Hyper-V VPS SnapShoot
Remote Desktop Access Full Remote Admin
Virtual Datacenter -VDC For interconnect 2 or more VPS in a Private Network
Other OS (Opcional) CentOS Linux 5.x (Without TechSupport, Control Panel, VDC)

Customize your Hyper-V VPS

We recommend you review the additional options that allow you to increase the features and power of the plan of your choice. May choose to increase the power of CPU, RAM, more disk space, or Other interesting resources

Extra 1GB Data Transfer 5 US$
Extra 60GB HD Space 60 US$
Extra Snapshot 60 US$
Add 512MB RAM 25 US$
Virtual Datacenter Mode: 1x NIC & Private IP 40 US$
Weekly DataBackup x60GB 60 US$

Admin Services

150 US$

Basic Server Administration x2Hour 60 US$
Initial Setup Server: SP,HotFixes, IIS & more 150 US$
Install Software xHour 30 US$
Critical TechSupport Tickect xHour 100 US$

Need more information

We invite you to download this document where you will find information related to virtualization technology, which features and benefits you get to choose, and prices of each VPS their options.

  Hyper-V Brochure (3.3 MiB, 1,674 hits)

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